Custom Built Homes

Building a house is a costly and big investment. For this reason, people often opt for custom built homes. This way, they are able to have their dream home, which is designed to meet their specific needs. Building your home should be an exciting and satisfying experience for you; that’s why you should choose someone you know as they will make this experience as easy as possible for you. Functionality and flow should be built into the home’s design to maximize comfort and practicality.


The details are what make your house into a home. Perhaps you want your bathroom wallpaper to match the tiles. So when you are deciding on the pattern for your tiles or your kitchen cabinet, you need someone who is willing to pay attention to all the details you want.


If you’re looking for such custom built homes or to a build a home in Rye, CO, say hello to Mountain Homes, your premier general contractor in the area! We promise to provide you with a good, comprehensive service and guarantee satisfaction.


You will have so much to choose from that you will be spoilt for choice. We not only offer you choice, but we also ensure that each step is carried out properly and meets your standard. We are a reliable company, use proper materials and ensure that this important and complex process in your life is carried out efficiently. You don’t have to worry about anything with us. You’ll get your money’s worth and a great experience with us!


At Mountain Home, we take care of our customers!

To know more about our services or custom built homes in Rye, Colorado, visit our website.

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