Home Foundation Inspection: What to Expect?

Regular inspection for the home foundation in Rye, CO is necessary to ensure your house has a strong structural grip and has the ability to endure environmental changes and domestic use. Having the inspection done by a professional is mandatory to detect any and all problems that might be affecting the foundations of your home and damaging the structure without your knowledge. So, schedule an inspection today with Mountain Homes and repair the damages right away before they cause any substantial damage to your property. Here are a few things you can expect during the inspection.

The Duration of Inspection

Getting it done by a professional, it will only take one and a half hour approximately to conduct the inspection. Our professionals have in-depth knowledge and years of experience to identify the problems right away and give you comprehensive feedback about your home foundation's status.


A Thorough Interview

During the inspection, expect the professional to ask you a few questions related to your home structure, history of the building and the extent of domestic use. The interview shall be brief yet thorough to get all the necessary details.

Home Survey

Before getting to the foundation, your floor elevation will be inspected to determine whether there’s any damage or not. Elevations make a crucial part of your building and can indicate substantial problems your foundation might be facing.

Observation of the Structure

Expect the professional to conduct a thorough analysis of your entire home structure from inside and out. This includes windows, doors, walls and surrounding terrain features.

Forensic Analysis

If the inspecting professional is doubtful about the condition of the building, they’ll ask for forensic analysis to determine what exactly is causing the damage. It could be either due to standing water near the foundation, or poor grading.


After careful observation and analysis, the inspecting professional will give you an engineering report with the details of problems in your foundations and recommended solutions.

Contact Mountain Homes today to get your home foundation in Rye, CO inspected. We’re a construction company offering all sorts of building services. From professional exterior painters to grading contractors and proficient team of a home inspection – we are a one-stop solution for all your needs.

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