New Housing Developments

Are you interested in new housing developments in mountain homes or new house construction in Rye, CO?


Living in the mountains can be a magical and peaceful experience. The views are unparalleled and the tranquil feeling of being in the mountains is worth investing in a mountain home!


Say hello to Mountain Homes, your premier general contractor in Rye and its surrounding areas!

We provide a contractor service. From home building, general home additions and ground excavation, to interior and exterior painting, septic tank installation and a lot more, we provide services for big and small projects.


We’ll help you find the newest real estate listings and new housing developments in the area! You should probably get to know your neighborhood and neighbors before moving into a new place, however. You should also enlist the help of a local real estate agent with a specialization in rural property and a familiarity with mountain area rules and regulations. This way, you will know about building permits and allowances, wells, septic systems, roads and infrastructures.


From luxurious to simple residential homes, we provide construction for all sorts of homes. Just ensure you are ready for the natural environment that comes with purchasing mountain homes. Simply make sure you have the finances and invest in a mountain home!


If you are looking to get some sort of construction project completed, just get Mountain Homes on the job and stop worrying about it now. We guarantee satisfaction with our services.

At Mountain Homes, we take care of our customers!

To know more about our services or new housing developments in Rye, Colorado, visit our website.

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